we avoid unnecessary bells and whistles

our client’s message should be conveyed clearly

The Internet is an excellent means of communication. It can, however, be easily misused by the ‘techno-romantics’ — those who feel they have to include all the latest bells and whistles on every web site they create.

Too many web sites are in the hands of web-techies who have no grounding in graphic design. These fancy effects require the surfer to download the latest version of this or that plug-in module. In our experience, surfers who are looking for information, rather than entertainment, will click away from any site like that. Worse still, they will rarely come back.

Web sites put together quickly using poor English, bad spelling, off-the-peg graphics and HTML code created by software that unnecessarily bloats code, are an embarrassment and counter-productive.

Many companies produce work very quickly – they use standard templates that reflect nothing about you and your business – they are taken off the shelf, dusted down and passed on to you.

We design with you, around you and for you

At annerykiln we have a long background in graphic design, in advertising and marketing, in copy-writing, in plain English authoring. We use the best technology available to create our graphics specifically for our clients.

At annerykiln we believe that

and above all

We do not simply hand over a site after we have designed it. We will advise on email accounts to support the web site, we will maintain the web site to whatever degree you feel necessary, and we can maintain a search engine watch for you.

We can manage an email newsletter for you to keep your visitors interested and informed.

Take a look at some of the sites we have produced and then talk to us about how we can work together to produce a web presence that communicates your activity effectively.

Want to talk about it? No obligation: email us here.

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